The Terrazzo Scale

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  • 6mm Tempered Glass and Bottom Plastic Cover


  • 11.81" W x 11.81" D x 1" H
  • Net Weight: 2.97 Lbs


Each person has a different body composition, and even though there are different ways to find your path to wellness freedom, for you to achieve your personal goals, you have to be able to measure your weight. The DK69Z digital weight scale does that. With four strain gauge high accuracy sensors, it will display the exact weight up to 400 Lb (180Kg). Choose from our truly unique designs to match your lifestyle. Gone are the days were every scale was either black or white; our scales will highlight your space while at the same time perform and last for years to come. Featuring a large LCD screen with a backlight, four-round corners to keep your feet safe from hitting edgy corners, smooth 6mm tempered glass with a bottom plastic cover protector, DUKAP scales guarantee the sturdiness and durability of the instrument.

Our scales include a free E-BOOK “7 secrets to lose your first 7lbs, QUICKLY” to get you started in your journey to a better quality of life.